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1933 Aeronca C-2-N Deluxe Scout - NC13089

The 1930 single place C-2 was Aeronca’s first production airplane. As the first certificated light-weight aircraft, it revolutionized the depression-era aircraft industry with its economical operating cost. The C-2-N is a development of the C-2 using the 36 hp E-113A engine replacing the original 30 hp E-107A. Four C-2-Ns were built and NC13089 is one of two remaining.

NC13089 set the following records:

  • Irene I. Crum - International Altitude Record 19,425.814 ft.
  • Howard C. Mayes Jr. - Altitude Record for Junior pilots 19,997 ft.
  • Benjamin King - 500 km speed record for single-seat light seaplanes 70.499 mph.
  • Benjamin King - Airline distance record for single-seat light seaplanes 230.314 mi.
  • Benjamin King - International Altitude Record, single-seat light seaplanes 15,081.976 ft.
  • Benjamin King - 100 km speed record, single-seat light seaplanes 80.931 mph.
  • Benjamin King - Airline distance record, light seaplanes 221.20 mi.

The engine is an early model E-113 and only has a single magneto ignition system. Later, Aeronca E-113 engines all featured dual magnetos as required by the new safety standards of 1938. It consumes about 3 gallons of gas per hour at cruising speed (85% power). The fuselage has welded steel tubing covered by fabric and the wings are fabric-covered spruce.

Built by the Aeronautical Corp. of America at Lunken Airport, Cincinnati, Ohio. ATC # 448 granted on 8-29-31, expired .

Estate of: John H. McGeary, Jr. Miami, FL


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